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Dear Mrs Adamson, Ms. Sanders, Mrs. Batarse and Travel Teens,

Sacramento Student TripI just wanted to take a moment and let you know what a wonderful experience the Sacramento trip was! I was so impressed with Travel Teens, Embassy Suites and every location we went.

Travel Teens staff was professional, knowledgeable, and very experienced. We had a guide meet us at the airport, help check all of us in, and wait at the gate to ensure we all got on the plane and there were no complications.

Heather our tour guide was waiting for us in Sacramento. I can not say enough positive things about Heather! She was awesome! Heather always had a smile, answered all of our questions and kept the kids busy, even the "old" kids! We learned so much on this trip. The only thing I would improve on is the trip should be 3 days. The trip was non stop from the moment we de-boarded the plane to 8:30pm lights out, then again from 6:15am wake up call to the landing in Ontario at 9:00pm, it was all go, go, and go!

Embassy Suites was very accommodating to all of us. Check in was easy, the rooms were nice, clean and had very comfy beds. They let us take over the pool, and with Mrs. Batase watching over the kids, the last little bit of energy was swam away! The breakfast buffet was excellent! Haydn decided we should move into Embassy Suites; guess my cooking isn't that good.

We actually got time with our assemblyman Curt Hagman. What an honor! Heather explained all about the state capital and pointed out every figure that related to our state flag and symbol. I did not know how many of our symbols were in the architecture of the capital building. We had a wonderful first day but the best was yet to come!

The second day we went to Coloma and Placerville and got "gold fever" and boy did we all get it! Again, I learned as much as the children did! Heather talked the whole day and we all had hands on learning experience. I think digging for gold was the best part of the trip!

All of children were polite and well behaved! We were commended on our children at more than 1 location, which is wonderful to hear. The fast paced two days were harder on the adults than on the children. I think it was a proud moment for all of the parents to see what wonderful, well-mannered children we have. Hillsborough should also take pride in this achievement. The wonderful, caring staff really showed through our children on this trip. Thank you Hillsborough, the influences you show on a daily basis is noticed by all!

When the trip was first presented at the beginning of the year I thought it was a lot of money for two days. As a family, we sacrificed and saved to be able to enjoy this experience with our boys. Now having the adventures we had, I would highly recommend this trip to all Hillsborough families. It was life changing for Jarod and Haydn to experience our legislature and history first hand and this trip will be with them for a life time!

For everyone at Travel Teens, Heather was outstanding! Heather has passion for her job, is extremely versed in California history, and has a love for children I have never seen in a guide! Heather's patience, expertise and high spirited attitude made this trip a true joy! Also, Frank our bus driver was professional and funny. The two together are the perfect team.

To everyone involved, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart! This is by far the best field trip ever!

Posted By: Suzanne Barkhurst
Anaheim, California

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