San Juan Capistrano Day Trip

San Juan Capistrano Student Travel Trips

San Juan Capistrano Student Travel Trips

Take a ride on the Amtrak Surfliner train to the San Juan Capistrano Mission, the seventh in the line of 21 missions, completed on November 1, 1776. It is a monument to California's multi-cultural history, embracing its Native American, Spanish, Mexican and European heritage. Originally built as a self-sufficient community by Spanish and Indians, the Mission was a center for agriculture, industry, education, and commerce.


  • Round-trip Amtrak Train or Bus
  • Historic "Jewel of the Missions" Tour
  • New Church
  • Choose one of the Educational Programs- Journey's to the Past, Adobe Brick Making, Mission Matters, Rope Making, and Making the Grade
  • Visit Los Rios Street and the quaint San Juan Capistrano Village.
  • Experienced Travel Teens Tour Guide
  • One Teacher or Administrator goes FREE with 35 participants

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